DIY Simplicity

We specialised in LED board, magic stick, light stick & glowing accessories…


Magic Stick
Q: Do I have to pay for the designs?

A: No. You only pay for the cost of the magic stick, which is SGD $26 per stick. If you buy the magic stick, you will get the designs for free!

Q: How many designs in one stick?

A: You can have eight designs customised for free in one magic stick.

Q: Can I use my own designs?

A: Yes. You can send us your designs to in an image file preferably (.jpg format) or alternatively you can just tell us your designs in words.

Q: Can I use the designs in the blog?

A: Yes. You can choose the designs in the blog or if you want us to specially design a new one for you, you can also request. No additional charges though!

Q: Can I change the designs?

A: No. You are unable to change the 8 designs unless you purchase the software & cable.

Q: How much is the software & cable?

A: One software & cable is at SGD $10.

Q: The magic stick operates on what type of batteries?

A: It operates on 2 AA batteries. Do note that batteries is NOT PROVIDED if you purchase the magic stick.

LED Board

Q: What is the cost of one LED board?

A: Different boards have different quotations. Therefore we are unable to quote the price of the LED board unless you provide us with the Design (preferably .jpg image), LED colours and the Size of board (A4 or A3) and mail it to

Q: Do I have to make the payment first?

A: Yes. You are required to make a 100% payment for the LED board. We will only proceed with the designing of LED board only after we have received the payment. This is because if we didn’t collect the payment and buyer were to back out, we will be making a loss.

Q: How do I make the payment?

A: Either bank transfer or meet-ups. Meet-ups only at West, for places that are inconvenience, extra charges will be imposed.

Q: How many days do we take to complete a board?

A: It depends on our schedule, if our schedule is tight; we need at least a month, if not maybe 1-2 weeks. You have to tell us your delivery date; we will try our best to accommodate your date line if possible.

Q: How do I send the designs?

A: You can send the designs to . Preferably in .jpg format. Do note that complicated designs would be much more expensive than simple designs.

Q: The LED Board operates on what type of batteries?

A: It operates on AA batteries, however, the quantity of the batteries will varies for different LED Boards. Do note that batteries is NOT PROVIDED if you purchase the LED Board.

Q: Is there any servicing for the boards if spoilt?

A: Yes, we do provide after-service. However, only for boards that is done at DIY SIMPLICITY! Email us at for the service rate.

14” Light Stick

Q: What is the difference between 14” & 6” light stick?

A: This 14″ Light Stick is 2 times longer & 3 times the brightness compared to the common 6″ light stick! Approximately 35 cm long.

Q: How long can the light stick last?

A: It can last for approximately 12 hours. (Tested and proven!)

Q: How long can the light stick be kept?

A: It can be kept for approximately 2 years but if kept in foil wrapper, it can last for approximately 3 years.

Q: Other than the current colours, do we import in other colours?

A: Currently, no. Unless you were to purchase a bulk order. We will try to arrange with our suppliers.


Q: How to place an order? with the following details attached.

A: If you are interested to place an order, just email to us @

(1) name
(2) contact no.
(3) email
(4) delivery date
(5) order item
(6) order quantity
(7) colour
(8) design *

(NOTE: design is only applicable to LED Boards and 32-LED Magic Stick)

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


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